Terms of Service
1. Agreement to Terms of Service
VRocker Hosting provides its service to you, subject to the following Terms of Service ("TOS") which may be updated by VRocker Hosting at any time without notice to you.

When using any services provided by VRocker Hosting, you agree to abide by the VRocker Hosting Acceptable Use Policy and any other policies set out by VRocker Hosting.

The TOS is available for viewing on-line at: http://vrocker-hosting.co.uk/?action=terms

2. Privacy Policy
Registration data and certain other information about you is subject to our Privacy Policy. For more information, please see our full privacy policy located on-line at Coming Soon!

3. Services Policy
     o   Any bugs, crashing or other problems found in software we are hosting is not the responsibility of VRocker Hosting.
     o   The space provided by VRocker Hosting is for files related to the server that is hosted and should not be used for general storage
     o   While support will be provided with hosted services, we are not obligated to support anything that is not hosting related (script support etc)
     o   Maintenance may be provided occasionally, causing downtime. We will try to notify all of our customers before this happens but it is not always possible.
     o   You agree not to upload, share, or link to any illegal (according to international law) and/or malicious content on any website or server hosted by us. You are responsible for all content that is shared, linked, or uploaded on your server/website by ANYONE.
     o   VRocker Hosting reserves the right to deny services to any individual or business

4. Acceptable Use Policy
All services hosted by VRocker Hosting are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. By accepting this agreement, you accept that any breach of this policy can and will result in the restriction of services with no right to a refund or credit.
You agree that:
     o   You will not break any acceptable laws to your account, servers or other services.
     o   You will not use the services in any way that will harm the reputation of VRocker Hosting
     o   You will not use the services to disrupt or harm other services hosted by VRocker Hosting
     o   Abuse against any employee, affiliate or customer of VRocker Hosting will not be tolerated and can result in a suspension of your account
     o   All resources used by you are subject to our Fair Use Policy, located later on in this document
     o   You and your service(s) must comply to the applicable Term of Service ("TOS") for the product(s) used
     o   While we take great care of your data, it is your responsibility to create and manage data backups. We are not responsible for data loss
     o   You are not allowed to change any value which you are required to pay extra for, such as slots. You are not allowed to change the IP or Port(s) of your services.
     o   If a service requires branding (we will specify this on completion of your order), you are not permitted to remove, conceal or hide the VRocker Hosting branding in any way.
     o   You are not allowed to (re)sell any services provided by VRocker Hosting, unless you have an active reseller agreement with VRocker Hosting
     o   Exploiting a bug in any services provided by VRocker Hosting is not allowed. If any bugs are found in the core services hosted (such as the website) we expect our users to notify us
     o   Spamming or sending unsolicited e-mails are not allowed, all e-mails should be opt-in and be able to unsubscribe at any time

5. Payments Policy
Our payments policy defines your rights regarding all payments to VRocker Hosting.
     o   Payment will remain in a 'pending' state until the services are active.
     o   If you are unhappy with our services, you may claim a partial refund within the first 3 days of the service being active.
     o   The payment account and/or credit/debit card should be owned by you. If it belongs to somebody else, you must have their permission to use it.
     o   In the case of your services causing unforeseen costs to VRocker Hosting, for example excessive bandwidth usage, these costs may be charged to you.

6. Webhosting Policy
Webhosting on VRocker Hosting is provided as an optional extra on most, but not all, services. Webhosting is subject to the following rules and breaking any of them may result in your account and services being suspended without any right to a refund.
     o   Webhosting provided should complement the services provided to you by VRocker Hosting. For example, running an e-commerce site on a game server account is not permitted.
     o   You are not allowed to run any standalone process such as (but not limited to) IRC bots, game servers, spiders or crawlers.
     o   You must keep your disk space usage below the limit set by VRocker Hosting. Going over this limit will result in a warning, but not resolving the issue within a timely manner may result in us deleting files to get your space usage within the required limits.
     o   Your files, data and content must comply with the laws of the location of your hosting.
     o   You must hold the copyright or have permission for any files on your webhosting account. Illegal files will not be tolerated.

7. Fair Use Policy
All services hosted by VRocker Hosting are subject to our Fair Use policy. VRocker Hosting reserves the right to suspend any service that breaks this agreement. If the situation arises that this agreement may be broken, we will contact you to discuss and resolve the issue first.
     o   While there is no specific bandwidth limit, any service(s) that uses an excessive amount can be terminated or moved to a different host
     o   Services using an excessive amount of resources, such as CPU or RAM, can be terminated or suspended until the usage falls into acceptable parameters. To request the usage of your service(s), please contact us.
     o   Your services should not interfere with other services hosted by VRocker Hosting, by either starving them of resources or bandwidth. Action will be taken in this case to resolve the issue.
     o   While there is no limit on disk space for game servers, excessive space usage will be investigated and you may be contacted to lower your usage.