Why Choose VRocker Hosting?

Multiple Payment Methods

VRocker Hosting offers multiple payment methods, using either Paypal or Google Checkout. Both of these methods are both proven and secure so you don't have to worry about you're details ending up in the wrong hands.

Multiple Locations

Don't live in Europe but still want a low latency server from VRocker Hosting? Thats fine! We offer servers in both Europe and USA, and we are continually expanding our network, to give you more options of where you want your server.

Friendly Support

VRocker Hosting goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting our users. Don't know how to use FTP but still want to upload files? We will talk you through it on IRC and make sure everything works for you.
We will also help you get your server working correctly. Don't believe us? Ask our current customers!

Great Prices

Our prices are low, but our services are high quality. Not a lot of hosters can say that! We believe servers should be affordable but high quality, so we offer just that.
Our game servers also come with free, optional, web hosting as well as FTP access and up to 3 MySQL databases. Ideal for web stats or a forum to go with your server

Optimised servers created just for us

When you order certain servers from VRocker Hosting, you are getting a unique, optimised server created specifically for the machine it is running on. We are able to do this as we have access to the source code of some of these servers
What does this mean for you? Your server will perform better than on other hosts, making it a better for you and your players.

Powerful, Reliable Hardware

The hardware we run our servers on are powerful machines with lots of resources to spare to ensure your server never lags. Our servers are also not overloaded like some hosts.

Reliable and protected network

Our network is on a high-speed, low latency connection to the world, ensuring a better connection to you and your players. Our network and servers are very reliable with 99.99% uptime, only going offline for planned maintenance.
Our firewall protects all of our servers from a range of attacks, from (D)DoS to ones specific to the server you have ordered. Any issues that do arrise are quickly resolved to ensure the best service to you.